Close to the Lamp – Bible Study


Some Christians wonder why God doesn’t reveal himself to them. Some say things like:

  • God doesn’t talk to me…
  • I pray but I don’t hear anything back…
  • I read the bible but I don’t understand anything I read.

Why is it that we have no understanding of the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ when we need it most?

Also, how can we know if we are getting closer to an understanding of the word of God and how can we tell if were are being directed by godly leadership in our church?

Wisdom: The beginning – Bible Study


When you eat an apple, do you ever think where it came from? It came from a seed: an apple seed. That apple seed came from an apple that came from an apple seed that came from a … You see the loop don’t you?

Wisdom is the same way. When you ask: “Who is God?” you are using your wisdom to ask, but where did you get that wisdom? Clearly it didn’t come from you, it is from Him.

3 Days – Bible Study


The Passover lamb was instituted thousands of years ahead of the arrival of our lamb: God asked from his people to celebrate this feast every year for them to remember. Jesus is our lamb – John the baptist said it as this in John 1:29:

The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!