Money Trap – Bible Study

Money Trap Bible Study
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Is slavery a thing of the past? Is it really, that the Bible is outdated and therefore some topics, such as slavery, should be simply dismissed? Or is it instead, that the Bible knows more about our nature than what we think?

Often, I catch myself thinking that “more” is the answer to some of my problems. But the Bible teaches us something different.

Pride – Bible Study


Pride – unless you are a christian, you won’t understand how destructive pride can be in your life. The world teaches us, above all things, to be successful, to reach high, to gain fame and fortune and that the end justifies the means.

The bible teaches us that pride is the root of anger, and that if you allow pride to take possession of your heart you will end up lonely and perhaps even alone.

Warning – Desire the Lord Jesus – Bible Study

Warning - Desire the Lord Jesus

We are tempted to be “Christians” who want to “see” manifestations of the Holy Spirit. And we can become addicted to a sensual(from senses) religiosity. We want to “feel” something when we worship, see a “glow” in our ministers, want to experience miraculous healings in our churches.

But we are called to a different kind of relationship with God. One not driven by our feelings, but grounded in faith.  He is trustworthy, and if we believe in Him, and we must,  He will give us life.

Eat•See•Be – Bible Study


“Now the serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field…” Don’t be fooled by thinking that you can “play” with temptation and handle it yourself.

As human beings temptation is a constant in our lives. As Christians, temptation takes a whole new meaning – if the enemy can’t discredit our message, the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ, he will certainly attempt to discredit the messengers: you and I.

In this bible study, we look at the strategies used consistently to bring us down and we see how to confront them with victory in His name.

Cloud-Ground-Sea: Bible Study


We are born to seek wisdom, the problem is that we thirst for it so much, that often we end up getting it from the wrong place. Certainly if you are dehydrated and stranded in a far island, the last thing you want to do is drink water from the ocean – it will kill you. You must exercise restrain and self-control and in the midst of all that uncontrollable thirst, try to find fresh water.

The wisdom of this world with its fame, fortune, sexual immorality, money-seeking, drunkenness, drugs and much more isn’t the place we’ll find life. The bible tells us that our thirst can be quenched by Him who has springs of eternal life. If you drink from Him, you’ll never thirst again.

Resting in the Spirit – Bible Study


I once heard someone saying that if Christians behaved like Christians, they wouldn’t have a difficult time believing in Christ, the problem to them was Christians are terrible people.

Christians are terrible people because they are people. We all fall short of the glory that has been prepared for us. We fail to live in perfect communion with the Spirit and therefore we are not perfect.

The difference between a non-believer and a Christian is not the lack of sin in the life of the Christian, but the war that takes place because of that sin and the forgiveness that is received instead of condemnation.


Close to the Lamp – Bible Study


Some Christians wonder why God doesn’t reveal himself to them. Some say things like:

  • God doesn’t talk to me…
  • I pray but I don’t hear anything back…
  • I read the bible but I don’t understand anything I read.

Why is it that we have no understanding of the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ when we need it most?

Also, how can we know if we are getting closer to an understanding of the word of God and how can we tell if were are being directed by godly leadership in our church?

Wisdom: The beginning – Bible Study


When you eat an apple, do you ever think where it came from? It came from a seed: an apple seed. That apple seed came from an apple that came from an apple seed that came from a … You see the loop don’t you?

Wisdom is the same way. When you ask: “Who is God?” you are using your wisdom to ask, but where did you get that wisdom? Clearly it didn’t come from you, it is from Him.

3 Days – Bible Study


The Passover lamb was instituted thousands of years ahead of the arrival of our lamb: God asked from his people to celebrate this feast every year for them to remember. Jesus is our lamb – John the baptist said it as this in John 1:29:

The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!



I AM – Bible Study


Often we find ourselves in very difficult situations. It surely feels like the winds and waves are too much to bear for our boat. As Christians we want to believe that the Lord is there, but we still feel fearful. We still stare at our problem, trial or difficulty. Our hearts want answers or want comfort – we desire calm waters. But these winds and waves reveal an important truth in our heart: If we are scared its because our eyes are placed on something other than Jesus. We have a double stance: Taking care of our life and Jesus take care of my life.

Believe Him when He says: I AM. At the mention of those words, your heart, like mine, should rest.

Forty – Bible Study


Is there any reason to act wisely? Is there any purpose to learn God’s ways and to act according to what He has revealed to us? Some Christians believe that since God is going to operate his will anyways, that there is no need to act wisely. God gave us His wisdom for a reason.